Jacoby & Co. boutique is a well thought-out, fresh, and timeless collection of clothing and accessories that exuberates confidence and joy. From southern classics to bold statements, Jacoby & Co is sure to give your closet the love and refresh it desires. 

Jacoby & Co was founded by me, Hannah Jacoby, a small-town, Texas gal with a love for fashion and aesthetics. I am an elementary educator, wife, and mommy whose pursing my dream of making the world a more beautiful place one closet and smile at a time. I have been inspired by several inventive, hard-working, passionate, and beautiful women who taught me to live life with Jesus in my soul, love in my hands, and a little curl in my hair. To read more about two of these precious souls, checkout the Alice & Addie Collection. I hope their stories inspire you and perhaps your closets too. 

Happy shopping and many blessings,

Hannah Jacoby


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